What are the Questories?

The Questories are game for your birthday, corporate event or kids party. Sometimes we even host scheduled games at the weekend too. You can play Questoria any place you like: our Game Master will bring the fun to your home, office, cafe, or even a picnic out in the woods!

It’s no secret that entertaining a large group and bringing people closer together can be a tough challenge. This is why we created Questoria, to make sure your guests forget their smartphone addiction for a while to socialise, get to know each other, and simply have fun.

«Right from the start you realize that everyone around is hiding something.»

Imagine yourself as a character in a story like The Hateful Eight, And Then There Were None, or Treasure Island.

From the start of the game, you know your background and how your character ended up there, but your future is in your own hands! Nothing is staged; you don’t need to parrot lines from some script. Each character has unique goals, and it is up to you to choose the best way to achieve them, building your game around shrewd plotting or brute force, charm or flirting.

For example, Once In The Wild West is a Questoria game that starts with a famous singer found dead in a saloon. The sheriff locks the door, fires his gun into the ceiling, and promises that no one will leave until the killer is found. Different characters are caught up in the story: cowboys, smugglers, a dancer, a shaman, a clairvoyant, and a dozen more juicy characters.

They all have own individual goals; solve the case or cheat the gallows, find their long lost parents or sell their smuggled goods, get their hands on a wealthy husband or a secret Indian recipe.

To help you in your endeavours you will each have some special abilities and tips on how to use them, or some items such as weapons, jewelry, Indian potions, etc... The first few minutes can be overwhelming: too much information, too many possibilities. But soon you will lose yourself in the action — excited to barter your love potion for someone’s last will, or your trusty Colt revolver for an ancient Indian map.

To win, you must achieve your own goals before anyone else achieves theirs! And each game has new heroes. Only one thing is certain: you’re going to have a lot of fun, so get ready!

«Now, we call each other by our character names in the game!»

The game helps all different kinds of people to find some common ground. Inviting your colleagues, high school friends, and your parents for a big birthday party? Worried that no one will talk to each other and it will all be horribly awkward? Don’t be! Questoria will give them all something to talk about, and different roles can accommodate all ages.

Or maybe you’re hosting a corporate party? Questoria is an ideal opportunity for different departments to meet in a relaxed, casual setting, and our targeted casting approach ensures that everybody — from the CEO to the most timid trainee — gets a role to fit them perfectly.

«Every new Questoria scenario is a whole game world.»

We are proud to present 30 cool original scenarios. Each of them is like a good computer game: it is written by a team of script writers and then tested in 60 cities. And we have created special children’s games approved by moms and loved by their kids.

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