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What are Questories?

Explaining the idea of our games in words is very difficult. It is like explaining what a movie is to a person who has never seen a TV set.

We were very happy to learn that there is an episode of the Simpsons where they participate in a game very similar to a Questoria. Spend just 74 seconds of your life watching this clip and the question «What are Questories?» will be more or less clear to you.




people have already played

Questories are story games for birthdayscorporate parties and children’s holidays. On weekends, we also organize scheduled open games. Questories are not tied to a specific location, instead the Host will bring a game to your home, office, cafe or picnic in the countryside.

We know how difficult it is to entertain a big crowd and to introduce them to each other. We have created Questories to get your guests off their phones, and have them mix and mingle freely and naturally.

Imagine yourself as a co-star in the movie «The Hateful Eight» or «Pirates of the Caribbean». You have a backstory telling how you have ended up in this situation. And it’s only up to you how the situation will develop further on. Unlike in a movie, you don’t have to memorize the lines from a screenplay. Each hero has their own goals. And it’s up to you to decide how to achieve them: by scheming or brute force, using flirtation or your charisma.

«From the very beginning, you realize that all these people around you are hiding something»

We played «A Night at the Museum» Questoria and really enjoyed it! There were Egyptian pharaohs, Vikings, Roman Kings, Ivan the Terrible, and many others)) We schemed against enemies, and if we could not trick them, we fought them at the Colosseum! We even traveled back in time... The game was over too quickly. In the positive atmosphere of live communication we completely plunged into the world of fantasy, and took a break from the daily grind) A big thank-you to Questoria!!!

Irina Akinshina

For example, the «Somewhere in the Wild West» Questoria starts with the discovery of a famous singer’s dead body in a saloon. The sheriff blocks the door, shoots his colt upwards, and declares that nobody will leave the saloon until the killer is found. And you see different people around stuck in the middle of the scene: cowboys, smugglers, a dancer, a shaman, a clairvoyant, and a dozen other colorful characters.

Everyone has their own goals: solve the case or fool the investigation, find parents or sell the smuggled goods, get married or find out an ancient aboriginal recipe.

You have artifacts and skills to help you, and instructions on how to use them. For example, weapons, jewelry, and potions... At first, you might be lost among all these options. But soon, you will be so captured by the action that you will easily trade the love potion for the last will document, or your faithful Colt for the old aboriginal map.

Those who fulfill their goals win, so the heroes differ from event to event. One thing remains unchanged: the game is bound to be a hot topic for several weeks to come :)

«We now call each other by their character names from the game!»

People of different ages and from various groups easily find common ground in the game. Would you like to bring your co-workers, school friends and parents together at your birthday party? Questoria will give your guests a common topic to chat about, and the choice of roles is suited for all ages.

Are you planning a corporate party? Questoria will introduce employees from various departments in a nice and casual manner, and thanks to the individual role-selection procedure we will find suitable characters for both the company director and the most timid team-member.

And what’s more, you will level up your skills in negotiating and achieving goals.


cool, original scenarios

«Each new Questoria scenario is a whole game world»

We are very proud to offer 35 cool, original scenarios. Each one is like a good computer game, as it is written by a team of screenwriters, and further tested in :cities_numb cities. We offer special children’s games, approved by moms and adored by kids.

    More questions left?
  • Do I have to read the lines?

    Jeez, no!=)

    You just have the backstory on how you landed this situation. And it is up to you how the story will unfold. For example, you discover that you are a criminal fleeing from justice. What is your play? Bribe the policemen? Go for a plea deal? Set up anyone else? Or get rid of the evidence?

    The decision is yours. There is no preset ending to the game. The resolution depends solely on the players’ strategies.

  • So do I have to «act out a role» then? I feel awkward!

    You need to act out no more than in the Mafia or Wink Murder games. Or when bargaining with your supplier :)

    You don’t have «to learn the role» by heart, and you don’t have to be an actor.

    All you need to do is imagine your hero in this situation. What would a real sheriff do if he saw some robbers hold up the bank? Would he shoot them? — Then do it! Would he negotiate? — Then negotiate! Would he seek refuge? — Then go hide!

  • How do you distribute the roles? What if my role is dull?

    Before the game starts, the host asks you to write down your role preferences: either you want an active role, a villainous one, or just more of an observational one.

    Those who want a simpler role will get an observational one. Those who want to be more involved will get an active or villainous role.

    We are often asked, what if all players want to be active? That happens very rarely. And every role is worked out to let the player bring out their full potential. There’s no need to be limited by the character’s goals. You read: «steal the royal crown», but you think that it is way too simple for you — so you decide to become the king, and leave your opponents standing there in disbelief!

  • Are there any other questions?


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