Your Christmas Questoria in Kiev

новогодний корпоратив

The Christmas party should bring happiness and fun for the year to come, but it should also be a real Christmas adventure for everyone. We can make your Christmas party a really fun adventure with a live role-play game — a Questoria!

Prices and Contacts

The Questoria is a three-hour long adventure, where each player takes part. The game can be set in medieval Venice, on a pirate ship or even a Hollywood film set...

You choose the story, but we guarantee that all players will enjoy the adventures, affairs, fights and duels, as well as the emotions and thrills of the game.

  • No preparation is necessary for the Questoria. Each story is a ready-to-play game, where our professional host prepares everything and manages the course of the game.
  • If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, we can hold a Questoria with special costumes for each player!
  • We created the Questorias to suit all different kinds players, so that everyone gets their share of magic. Our experience shows that teams always become more friendly and cohesive after such an adventure.

This is sure to make the party more memorable, and the photos more colourful!

Book your magic Christmas Questoria party now!

Some of our corporate players are:

Thanks to the game, the new year corporate party turned out lively and engaging. Everyone had a lot of happy moments. My colleagues and I had played the Mafia game before, but an interactive action game is a lot more captivating. Many thanks to Questoria, for it is totally impossible to make up something like that on our own. We have decided to book a Questoria for our next corporate event again.

Alexander Martyushev, ASKON company



Scenarios offered in Kiev:

* You can browse through the full list of games, but some of them might not be available in your city.


What is the Questoria Price for the corporate party?

  Econom Standard Premium VIP
The story of your choice включено включено включено включено
Host and the game kit включено включено включено включено
Time and location preference включено включено включено включено
Basic props for the game   включено включено включено
Theme music to create the game atmosphere   включено включено включено
Diplomas for the best players   включено включено включено
Professional photos from the game     включено включено
Advanced props     включено включено
Pre-casting for the roles     включено включено
Invitations for the guests     включено включено
Costumes for every player       включено
Dress-up photo shoot       включено
Selection of a location for a themed Questoria       включено
Please check the list of VIP-options for your city with the Questoria manager       включено
Payment * 8 125 UAH 12 375 UAH 20 625 UAH 37 250 UAH

The Questor can play from 7 to 200+ people. For this there are different games, the opportunity to play in a few Questor simultaneously, as well as a new format of the game «Detective fight.»

Prices at the rate of the game up to 25 people. The exact cost of the games at your event please call in Киеве:+38-067-650-79-46 or fill in the form below application.

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There were 16 players. Al least half of us were wildly excited, the other half was just excited! I never doubted we would have a lot of fun, but the result exceeded my expectations to a great extent!

Anna Chulina

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